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Embee is proud to announce it has joined ESOMAR!

ESOMAR is a members-only organization of the world’s top data and market research companies.

All ESOMAR members are required to abide by an ethical code of conduct. Accordingly, new potential members must prove that their data collection and research practices are lawful, ethical, transparent, honest and respectful.

Embee easily met all requirements and passed with flying colors! Indeed, Embee holds itself to even higher standards than ESOMAR requires.

Let’s be honest: Embee is not like other companies.

Not all companies are honest about what data they collect, and what they do with it.

That anti-virus app you have? Behind the scenes, that company could be selling the websites and apps you use without you realizing it. (Seriously. This is not made-up. Very popular anti-virus apps are selling your data. Right now.)

That browser with the “private browsing” feature? Behind the scenes, that company is using a VPN as a “man-in-the-middle”, so they can sniff through your browsing behavior, find interesting bits, and sell it to their customers.

And, the list goes on.

The sad reality is: most companies focus on tricking their users into providing data without being clear about it. Whether they are just asking for unnecessary permissions, or they are outright lying, either way, it is not honest.

And companies like that: they would never be able to meet ESOMAR’s strict standards.

Embee, on the other hand, has always been transparent with our panelists. No measurement, at all, starts until after the panelist has reviewed and approved all the requirements to participate, and has fully opted into the program. They can pause or stop their involvement at any time.

And, last but not least, yes, we absolutely pay our panelists. They are providing us valuable data! We pay them for it. Happily! We hold up our end of the bargain. We commit to protecting their privacy and to only use their data for proper research purposes, and we pay them. No tricks.

Honest, transparent and fair. That’s how Embee does it.

That’s why Embee is one of the very few mobile measurement companies that are eligible for ESOMAR membership.

Our existing customers, of course, already know this about Embee. They will see this announcement that we have joined ESOMAR and wonder… what took you so long to join?

For new customers — this is just one more way to demonstrate our commitment to meeting their expectations, to meeting the codes of conduct used by other best-in-class companies in the market research industry, and, most importantly, to meeting the standards our panelists expect and deserve.

To learn more about ESOMAR’s codes and guidelines ESOMAR_ICC-ESOMAR_Code_English.pdf

We’re proud to join ESOMAR!